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The Future of Financial Services

How disruptive innovations are reshaping the way financial

services are structured, provisioned and consumed

An Industry Project of the Financial Services Community | Prepared in collaboration with Deloitte - Read More

Final Report ● June 2015






































French court decides not to

ban Uber service - Read

Arjun Kharpal| @ArjunKharpal

Peter Baeck, Liam Collins and Bryan Zhang


Business Blackout, a joint report by Lloyd’s and the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Risk Studies, considers the insurance implications of a cyber attack on the US power grid.

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C o r p o r a t e F i n a n c e P r a c t i c e

Better forecasting for large

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Why Leaders Lose Their Way

Author: Bill Georg - Read More


FTAs in South-east Asia - Towards the next generation.

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Sub-Saharan African healthcare

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Starbucks Reinvented - Read it








Management intuition for the next 50 Years

September 2014| Richard Dobbs

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What Strategists need: A meeting of the

minds - Read it

September 2014


Global Technology|IPO Review

Q2 2014| Read it



















A Strategist’s Guide to

the Internet of Things

The digital interconnection of billions of devices is today’s

most dynamic business opportunity.Read More


Digital Double-Down:

How Far Will Leaders Leap Ahead?


New Accenture research about digital transformation

confirms what anecdotal evidence has pointed to thus

far: some companies are doubling down to drive digital

transformation and accelerate ahead of their peers.


It is easy to assume there is time to become a digital business—to see the world as it was in 1999, when e-commerce became a

reality, or even 2009, when mobile phonesbecame more walking computers than tools for talking. The intentions, investments and

actions of those doubling down on digital have reached a point where it is no longer prudent to wait.In just the last few years, “digital” has become more consequential than new

rounds of IT efficiency and enablement.

The latest research from Accenture reveals a sharp divide between those who continue to view digital technology as a tool for

steadily improving existing businessactivities—digital followers—and those who clearly see something much more profound—the digital transformers.1 Digital transformers see significant growth

potential with digital where the followers don’t.1 52 percent of executives expect digital to “completely” or “significantly”transform their industries, with the remainde expecting moderate or no transformation—this according

to the Accenture survey of more than1,000 executives across 20 countries and 12 industries (see About the research, page 15).

The digital transformers understand all too clearly how the nature of entire markets has changed—how Wealthfront

Inc., Airbnb Inc., Alibaba.com Hong Kong Limited and others are up-ending whole industry segments—and they know that

similar dynamics are at work in many unexpected ways in their industries too.This is anything but the isolated approach

of a few start-up companies. Digital transformers exist in every industry,geography and size; collectively, they

constitute a powerful, broad-based trend that demands effective responses from companies everywhere. Their aspirations and investment plans set the pace, and the actions of these organizations should become a core assumption of any future

business strategy.1 For the purposes of this point-of-view paper, “digital transformers” are defined as those organizations which expect complete or significant transformation











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What social-sector leaders need to succeed

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